Perform Clean up for your Windows & Hard Drive

You have a PC? Then the chances are quite high it will work slowly as per your taste. Over the time, your computer starts losing its magnetism due to the stored virtual junk in the hard drive.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like this. You can turn your sluggish system into the youthful machine. Read on and find out how you can do it.

Start the cleaning up process

Hands down, the very first step for increasing the speed of your computer is the cleaning process. You can perform this action manually or you can download a genuine cleaning application – not like Advanced PC Care which do nothing for the betterment of your PC. There are many other original cleaning application that actually removes all the junk from your PC and make it perform better. But not like fake software such as Advanced PC Care that only scans the system and when you try to fix the issues through Advanced PC Care and it redirects you its official page, asking you make a purchase for its full edition.

The genuine cleaning applications make you get rid of all unnecessary files that are left behind programs, browsers, and Windows. It also deletes .tmp files, cache files, file fragments, history list and much more. In addition, genuine cleaning applications perform the task of a good registry cleaner plus it works as a tool for removing internet cookies which you don’t want to keep. The best of these cleaning apps is that you don’t need to pay a penny for this program – since it’s donationware, unlike Advanced PC Care which does nothing and asks to purchase its full edition.

Tidy Up the Registry

Your Windows Registry contains data about all your installed software, your choices, details about who Windows should run and more. Over the time as you install or uninstall any program, make changes in your preferences and so on, then your Registry fills with unwanted entries or those entries that conflict with one another. And rest the result you know! Your system slows down and becomes more susceptible to crashing.

We all know that cleaning up your PC’s Registry lead to various advantages. In some of the cases, Registry edits may help you improving your PC’s performance, while in others they might create problems for your system.

If you want to make your PC’s registry tidy, then consider Advanced Registry Optimizer finds issues and also resolves them, not like Advanced PC Care. You know Advanced PC Care actually find out the issues on your computer, but truly it shows your stored images and other data files as active threats. And when you try to fix those threats, Advanced PC Care takes you to their official page where you will be asked to purchase its full version. We would never recommend you to purchase its full edition since it is worthless!

Coming back to the Registry cleaner, it provides you the great control over the program, where you will be able to fix hundreds of entries. In case you are confident working out with your registry would fix all the issues related to your PC’s speed, then get this program and perform the cleaning process.

Important: Also, make sure that you are creating a Windows system restore point before you use the Registry cleaning program because it can make some changes to your PC.

What are PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs)?

PUP which stands for Potentially Unwanted Programs are those pop-ups warnings whose source should be removed from your computer. PUPs are referred with many other names such as adware, crapware and more. These programs eventually fool you with fake promises and do nothing for your betterment. For example, Advanced PC Care, which promises to improve the performance of your computer, but when time comes it does nothing unless you purchase its full version. The experts have also added Advanced PC Care in the list of PUPs.

Malware is a kind of malicious software that enters into your system and infects it without your permission. These malware or PUPs often comes packaged with other software, and that is the reason that they rule your system without even taking your permission. Let’s talk more about these PUPs:

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)

Instead of naming as potentially unwanted programs, these applications should be referred as “almost certainly unwanted programs”. In fact, if one does not want any PUP to get installed into their system, then it is required for them to have a full understanding about what PUPs are actually doing into their system.

Actually, these applications do nothing neither for you nor for your system. As we have already given the example – Advanced PC Care. In case, Advanced PC Care has crossed the threshold of your system, then your first move should be removing it as soon as possible.

Remember that, this programs absolutely do nothing good for your computer, but slows it down, tracks your identification, ruins your computer’s performance, shows different advertisements and accesses your confidential information.

Why these programs are called PUPs but not Malware?

When it comes to adware, you will find that there is a lot of money in it. This PUPs comes packaged with other reputable programs like Windows. Thus, when you download these programs your computer will not get infected without your permission, as you have agreed to some points and gave permission to run this program into your system.

This entire process is legal, but if you block some of the applications and name it malware then it will lead to open up the lawsuits of a company. The popular anti-virus program Avira has been sued for labeling similar programs as “potentially unwanted programs”. But actually, Avira secured that particular lawsuit for protecting the users from these programs.

By christening these applications as PUPs, the vendors of anti-malware software are trying to safeguard themselves from any kind of legal action, since most of the people don’t want these applications into their system and it is likely that they will take a suitable action.

Should you remove that PUPs?

Giving a straightforward answer to this question – PUPs like Advanced PC Care should be removed from your computer as soon as you can. Of course, you don’t want any program to damage your system or use your confidential data, hence removing it would lead to an advantageous step. Still, if you have some doubt, then it is recommended to perform a web search for the program, and understand that it is truly dangerous for your PC.

We hope that you have understood what PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are, how they affect your computer’s performance.