How to Uninstall Advanced PC Care Manually?

Nowadays, we are observing that many people want to get rid of a program named as Advanced PC Care. This program is actually designed to improve the computer’s performance and enable it to run faster and smoother, but on a sad note, this application does not provide any of these results. Moreover, the Advanced PC Care is not going to do anything beneficial for you, unless you spend some money to buy its full edition. And trust us, it is not the good idea to spend your money on this useless application.

We have seen many cases that the Advanced PC Care removal comes bundled with third party software and when you install the software it automatically enters to your system without your consent. If this happens with your system, then it is highly recommended to remove the Advanced PC Care the next moment. Since it would be not good to leave your system with a malicious software.

According to the words of Advanced PC Care vendors, this program first cleans the registries and enable the suspicious aspects to leave your system. But let me tell you, this is all crap. If we focus on the performance of Advanced PC Care, then this application is only going to scan your PC and after that, it shows a number of fixes. When you click the repair in order to fix all the issues, the Advanced PC Care redirects you to their official page and will ask you to buy its full edition. As we have already mentioned, it is not at all good to buy its full edition.

Fortunately, the removal process of Advanced PC Care is quite easy. There are two ways by which one can delete this malicious software from their system – manual and automatic. Both of these approaches removes the Advanced PC care virus effectively. In this post, we are going to focus on the manual approach to uninstall Advanced PC Care. Further, you’ll find the steps for removing advanced PC care manually. Have a look:

Remove Advanced PC Care Manually

The step-by-step procedure to remove Advanced PC Care from your PC and get rid of its malicious activities:

Step 1 – Search Control Panel in search box
Step 2 – Press Enter
Step 3 – Open Control Panel
Step 4 – Choose Uninstall a Program
Step 5 – Right click on Advanced PC Care
Step 6 – Click Uninstall

Make sure that Advanced PC Care is not available in your installed program list by observing the list.

Remove unwanted add-ons and extensions from your web browsers

Google Chrome

Step 1 – Open Customize settings of Google Chrome
Step 2 – Go to More Tools > Extensions
Step 3 – Search unwanted extensions and click trashcan option.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1 – Open the Menu
Step 2 – Click Add-ons
Step 3 – Search unwanted add-ons
Step 4 – Click Remove


Step 1 – Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions
Step 2 – Search unwanted extensions
Step 3 – Uninstall all programs

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