How can an Antivirus Software be useful?

We agree that statement like “antivirus software catch everything” makes no sense, but there is a fact that a software catches 10% or 90% of the targeted malware for Windows users.

Recently, a user group presentation showed that there are around 200,000 new viruses discovered every day.

Learning just a bit about the consequences of not having anti-virus protection is kind of enough to convince everyone who needs it. Here we have outlined some of the important reasons that prove that anti-virus is useful for your PC to protect you from dangerous programs like Advanced PC Care.

Safeguards from Viruses / malware

Viruses are considered as the most common computer attackers, which can effectively damage your system and the stored files. There are different types of viruses and each one of them comprises the ability make computers compromise in different ways. Generally, user acquires the virus by downloading some doubtful files that are presented in an incorrect manner like the things in email scam or when you visit any phishing website.

Today, even a 10-year-old kid knows that downloading corrupt files and visiting scamming sites can damage your system. For you, it is important to know that currently hackers are creating trickier and trickier viruses every day. Even, people who think that they are tech savvy have been tricked into enabling malware programs like Advanced PC Care to access their computers.

The viruses can drastically slow down the speed of your processing, and also removes some important files and images and can be the reason of irretrievable physical damage to your PC. I short, viruses can cost you thousands of bucks in the name of computer replacement cost and make you bear the loss of your important document or files. If you will install a prominent anti-virus software, then it can thwart 99.99 percent of your system.

Safeguards from Spyware and Identity Theft

Spyware is a sort of software which is specially developed to infect your system and keep a tab on you, for example, Advanced PC Care, which does nothing but infects your computer. The spyware steals all your confidential information that you have stored in your system including passwords, financial data, social security numbers, credit card details and more. Even, some of the spyware programs are so classic that they record and save information in real time, this kind of programs runs in the background without your consent. Although, when you make a purchase over the internet, these programs records or saves your payment information when you enter your card details and later transfers this information to the hacker in the remote location.

Safeguards from spam

Spam seems incredibly annoying when you see your inbox bombarded with emails and ads that you have no interest to read them. But most of the people doesn’t know that spam is the result of virus who has entered into your computer. Since the protection provided by anti-virus keep malware programs at bay, thus downloading and installing security software should return a drastic reduction of spam.

You can choose from many types of anti-virus applications providing quality protection from dangerous programs like Advanced PC Care. Some of the top rated programs are Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Webroot Anti-Virus, and Bit Defender Antivirus Plus.


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