Beware of PC Cleaning Programs – Here’s Why and How to Resolve It!

There are a number of PC cleaning programs available over the internet. But these programs work like digital snake oil. The entire web is full of ads showing numerous apps claiming to clean your system and will make you feel your system like a new one. Don’t get excited, this is never going to happen. These software programs are disastrous and your PC don’t need them.

If you want to make your PC clean, then you can do it for free, you don’t need to spend your money in buying the full edition of these programs. If you have Windows, then you can access built-in PC cleaning tools which can do almost what an average cleaning app will implement for your system.

Let’s investigate a Cleaning software

Over the internet, there are various software programs available that promise to clean your PC and will make it run fast and smoother. To investigate it, we explored a program called Advanced PC Care. Advanced PC Care is considered as one of the prominent PC cleaning programs, even it promotes itself with promising taglines. This software program initiates a free scanning process, whenever you install this program. After the scanning procedure, it shows a number of issues which you need to fix. But when you click on the repair button, this scam program takes to its official website asking to buy the full edition. At that time, don’t even try to take out your credit card. The advanced PC care is not worth for both your time and your money.

In order to remove advanced PC care, you can check the removal guide for how to uninstall advanced PC care.

How to actually improve your PC?

Let’s say you want to clean your system just like a PC cleaning software. So, regarding this, what you can do:

  • Perform the action with Disk Cleanup tool integrated with Windows operating system. This tool focuses on the releasing up space on your hard disk, but it deletes all the old files saved into your system. You can also schedule a disk cleanup in order to clean your system automatically.
  • Another option to clean your system is to clear out your browsing history. Or you can change the settings of your browser which automatically clears the history, when you close the browser.
  • Perform the action with another Windows tool called Disk Defragmenter. This practice is not essential if you use a solid state drive.
  • Don’t get bothered with the registry cleaner. If you still consider it, the use CCleaner which comprises the best-tested registry cleaner. This tool will remove all the temporary files plus it can deliver much more than any other cleaning program.

Therefore, we have tested that some of the available programs that claim to clean your PC are worthless.

How to speed up the PC?

  • The best tools for speeding up your system are not available over the internet, but these tools are integrated into your system.
  • The first step is to uninstall all the software or malicious programs like Advanced PC care from your PC. You can also check the guide for how to remove advanced PC Care.
  • Disable all the unnecessary startup apps in order to improve your system boot time.
  • During the worst case scenario, just reset your PC which effectively remove all the malicious programs saved into your system.

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