How to remove advanced PC Care malware ?

Advanced PC Care by, is designed and developed with enormous care to keep the systems running fast and smooth. Remove Advanced PC Care Malware as soon as possible, It serves as an extension which can be added to the user’s system without his permission. It’s not a virus but it is a deceptive program, adapting the assertive tactics of marketing to raise money. It enables the internet users to download and install it. Alongside, it makes the users buy the full edition of this program, once it enters the system. It is not a good idea to invest in this program, as it does nothing for your PC. Advanced PC Care promises to have advantageous impact for your system, but sadly it will only scan your system and show number of errors, which you need to fix by your own. It is not going to help you unless you purchase its full edition.

In case you notice this program on your PC without your consent, then it is highly advised to remove Advanced PC Care as soon as you can. Leaving this program in your PC can lead to some undesirable activities on your system including it occupies the space in your system, while using the saved resources and accessing your personal information. Even, if you close this program, it will still work at the background of your PC.

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If you want to exit with this program, then you just need to right click to the icon on the taskbar and select exit.

Methods to remove Advanced PC Care Malware

#1 – Remove Advanced PC Care automatically

#2 – Remove Advanced PC Care Manually

#1 – Remove Advanced PC Care Automatically 

It is the faster way to remove the Advanced PC Care Virus from your system. To perform this action, you are required to download Advanced PC Care Removal Tool, which will contribute in removing this program while eliminating other potential threats that might installed into your system through this malicious program. Below, we have drawn a step-by-step guide to remove Advanced PC Care:

Step #1 – Download & install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.

Step #2 – After installation, open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.

Step #3 – To perform the scan process with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software, click to the Scan button.

Step #4 – After the completion of scanning process click Remove button followed by Finish option.

Step #5 – After the removing process, restart your system.

In case you are still having issues with the Advanced PC Care, then we suggest going for other removal tools such as SpyHunter.

For SpyHunter, the steps are described as follows:

Step #1 – Turn on your computer and restart it.

Step #2 – After the BIOS screen, press F8 repeatedly, it will display the Advanced Options menu.

Step #3 – Use arrow keys at the Advanced Options Menu screen, and select Safe Mode with Networking. Click Enter.

Step #4 – Press and hold Windows and R key simultaneously.

Step #5 – After that, windows Run box will pop-up on your screen.

Step #6 – Type “explorer” into the open box.

Step #7 – Internet explorer will show up the download dialog bar. After download, click Run to initiate the installation process for SpyHunter software.

Step #8 – Click OK, if your PC asks for your permission to run this software.

Step #9 – Perform full system scan process with SpyHunter software.

Step #10 – Once this software detects all the potential threats, select Fix Threat option. Also, register SpyHunter into your system.

Step #11 – After registering the software, your system will be protected from other malicious infections. Reboot your PC to complete the execution of this removal process.

After following the above steps correctly, your Advanced PC Care removal problem will be solved effectively.

#2 – Remove Advanced PC Care Manually

When you perform the removal of Advanced PC Care program, then the toolkit of this malicious program will get uninstall from the computer along with all the marketing elements enclosed in it. The removal will efficiently clean up all the pop-ups and ads evolving into your web browser. Further, we have outlined the manual approach of uninstalling Advanced PC Care from your system.

Windows 10

  • Type control panel into the search box and press Enter
  • Open the Uninstall a program tab
  • Right-click over the Advanced PC Care
  • Select the uninstall option

Windows 8

  • Type control panel into the search box and press Enter
  • Select Uninstall a program option in control panel
  • Select the Advanced PC Care application
  • Click Uninstall button

Windows 7 & Vista

  • Click to the Start button
  • Select Control Panel tab
  • Select Uninstall a program
  • Right-click on Advanced PC Care and select Uninstall option

Windows XP

  • Select the Start Menu
  • Click to the Control Panel tab
  • Choose Add or Remove Program option
  • Select Advanced PC Care and click Remove.

Remove Advanced PC Care from your Web Browser

Google Chrome

  • Go to the C: Drive
  • Open C:\Users\”your username”\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\User Data folder
  • Select the Default File and rename it as DefaultBackup
  • Close the drive and open Google Chrome


  • Click Help option into the Firefox and then select Troubleshooting Information option
  • Select Reset Firefox button
  • Click Finish


  • Go to the Safari menu
  • Click Reset Safari option
  • Check all the options
  • Click Reset

Internet Explorer

  • Type inetcpl.cpl into the Run box and click OK
  • Select Advanced option
  • Select Reset Internet Explorer settings and click Reset
  • Select Delete personal settings option and click Close button


  • Go to the C: Drive
  • Open C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\
  • Select Operapref.Ini file and press Delete
  • Close the drive and open Opera browser

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